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Hey there, sunshines! Your summer must be chock-a-block with 'must listen's'; hours and hours of discovery, new information, new obsessions.

I must confess. My Summer... in fact, my Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, are not.

In an attempt to share what I feel so passionately about with you, I parked myself in a cafe and pulled up Spotify. I was about to pack-in all of the motivation I found in 2019.

2019 was big for me. I released my first ever song as a solo artist ('Drive'), produced a follow-up with one of my new favourite people - FEELDS, co-wrote a song for another artist and found love for the process, and conceptualised a new visual series in which I am on the cusp of producing. I started boxing, and I started therapy. I worked two jobs, and I still love them. In all honesty, many of the lows have been doused in gratitude for their lessons, and the building of resilience. Sappysappyblahblah, but truth.

When it comes to art, I'm a sucker for Pop. My playlist-to-be began with 'Watermelon Sugar', the new Harry Styles album that was custom-crafted for me, I'm pretty sure. 'Hit the Back' by royalty, King Princess. And that's it. What sort of SUMMERBIKINISEASONPLAYLIST is qty: 2...? Mine, I guess. I love music, and I love that there is an overwhelmingly perfect amount of artists who produce works that resonate within our beings, but I'm a serial-music-listener. I will play that tape out. I will analyse every superfluous, minor detail until I am sure I know exactly what they were thinking when they wrote that lyric, or played that note. I will play it until there is nothing left for it to show me; I want to see if it can withstand the test of time, because that, to me, is a great piece of work.

I may not be able to offer you the summer playlist of your dreams in the same capacity you are accustomed to... But, I can offer you my kind of listening.

Sommer Ferry Tails is music that makes me feel good, down to my core, of varying years of release, and only a handful at a time. I'm still decades behind on my listening, but I was born pretty recently, so I can't help it.

If you relate, shoot me a message about the songs that hold you long and squeeze you tight!

Sending sunny love for sweaty headphones. I hope you all find your summer song that will last you a lifetime.

Listen to my Sommer Ferry Tails HERE.

LB x

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